The Department of Education recently held a summit meeting, and it had nothing to do with education (surprise!). The Assistant Secretary for the Office of Civil Rights was there to speak about bullying.

Not the kind of bullying we are all accustomed to hearing about when it comes to kids getting into schoolyard scraps, however. No, the bullying being discussed was how the DOE and the Obama Administration plan to bully us—parents.

How do they plan to bully us parents? They have set their sights on your children’s sexual preference and bathroom choices. As the Executive Director of Michigan Equality has said about socially engineering our children to be screwed up in the head, this bathroom fix is “a great catalyst that will propel our collective work forward.”

The “collective work,” and trust it is moving forward, will allow, if not outright push, kids to gender identify, change their names while in school, cross-dress and use whichever bathroom and locker room they wish.

All without your knowledge or consent with respect to your own kid doing this, or your own kid being harmed by this. If schools don’t allow this, and you are not okay with this, everybody is violating an LGBTQ’s Civil Rights (Title IX). Forget about your daughter’s right to change into her gym uniform without a boy being present.

We now have Common Core, and anti-bullying regulations on campus which mandate that the kid who defends him/her self be the kid in detention, suspended, or expelled. We have conversion to Islam in the curriculum. Christian children are the targets of hatred and humiliation tactics in school.

It is no longer okay for the American flag to be displayed on clothing, backpacks, or anywhere else. Schools offer get-an-abortion-field-trips and hand out condoms. We have schools diagnosing autism disorders.

Now, we have schools encouraging crossdressing and sexual preference not in keeping with how our bodies are designed in the womb. All of this is being done behind our backs.

If ever there was a time to home-school your kids, it is now. There are so many choices out there that will allow your child a “safe space,” in a school that won't force them to take part in any of the above. Pick one. Protect them. It's your job as a parent.

Source: Conservative Tribune


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