Students at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government just put the "dumb" in Dumbledore by starting a "Resistance School" to do battle against the dark forces of President Donald Trump.

The Ivy League anti-Trump workshop is based on J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series featuring that sage-old, crusty and secretly gay wizard Dumbledore as the rallying icon.

More than 4,000 groups have signed up for the month-long workshop taking place in weekly online sessions. Notable members include staffers who worked with Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders, community organizers, and civil rights activists.

Students affectionately dubbed their workshop "Dumbledore's Army" as a catchy way to promote "progressive values." The title of the series is "How to Communicate Our Values in Political Advocacy."

They've certainly caught the attention of international media, and were recently featured in the Boston Globe and the UK Guardian newspaper.

The good thing is that the series won't involve roughing up or punching out Trump supporters the way they do on lesser college campuses. In this regard, Harvard has shown some class.

But Dumbledore's Army? What, are these students 12 years old and living in a fantasy world?

Such is the sorry state of American institutions of higher learning, of which Harvard is no exception.

In late 2014, the prestigious university hosted a workshop titled "What What in the Butt: Anal Sex 101." The workshop was scheduled to coincide with Annual Sex Week to help college students practice "healthy and pleasurable anal sex."

Harvard has further pushed the boundaries of advanced learning through a course dealing with "plant sex." Another was titled, "What is College and What is it For?"

As many unemployed, back-at-home-with-their-parents graduates will tell you, college is for going deeply into debt learning that college has become a racket -- another way of getting the shaft, and, in the end, not very pleasurable.

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Source: Daily Wire

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