Thousands of people across the country are serving time in federal prisons, more local jails, and even just in county lockups. For many, the punishment is justified and there are lots of inmates who have done terrible things to deserve their sentences.

But for one group of inmates in a Texas prison, they proved that there are some things that even prison can't knock out of you.

The incident happened in a facility located in Parker County, Texas. A group of inmates were lounging in their holding area when they saw one of their guards go down.

In a Hollywood movie, the inmates would have used the guard's heart attack to stage an elaborate escape from the facility. They would have been portrayed as grizzled, hardened killers. The truth, thankfully was much more hopeful.

The inmates, it turned out, did try and escape, but they did so making as much noise as possible. They made as much noise as possible to try and alert the other guards and sheriff's deputies that something was wrong.

The inmates' biggest fear, they told local news, was that they might be harmed for escaping and bringing the heart attack situation to the other guards' attention.

"We were worried they’re going to come with guns drawn on us," said one of the inmates.

The Sheriff's Office of Parker County was unequivocal about the role the inmates played in the situation.

"They definitely saved his life. There's not doubt about that," said a spokesperson.

The inmates, for their part, just wanted to help out "a good man." That's impressive.

Here were a group of men who had every reason to hate and wish evil upon their jailer. Yet they found the humanity and compassion to look out for his life and do what they could to save him.

These men may have committed terrible crimes, and this doesn't release them from that debt to society, but for one moment, these men were heroes.

h/t: Daily Caller

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