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These monsters are just sick. Inhuman garbage. It would be easy to say they have hit a new low, but let's face it THEY CAN'T GET ANY LOWER! These psychos are so about instilling fear through more and more insane acts of depravity, it's like they have to try and out do themselves with each new video.

16 Prisoners were executed in total, 5 of which were drowned in a metal cage with cameras strapped to the bars to record every gruesome moment.


Another group was placed in a vehicle that was hit with an RPG weapon, immolating those inside.


The last group was bound together with an explosive collar device, that once detonated, decapitated the group in a split second.


Even more twisted is the confessions they all were forced to make before being brutally dispatched.

We have declined to post the actual videos here as they are just too sick and will likely be removed shortly after the publication of this article.

Source: Newsweek Europe


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