An astounding find by a group of art restoration specialists who unexpectedly uncovered the hiding place of an ingenious priest who used a statue of Jesus Christ as his own 18th century "safe deposit box," minus the keys has come to light.

The unusual find of a secret message written by an unknown 18th-century priest was found inside the hollow of the wooden statue of Jesus Christ crucified, called Cristo del Miserere.

The statue had been taken for restoration from the church of Santa Agueda in Sotillo de la Ribera in Northern Spain to restoration specialists at the famed “De Vinci Restauro" where the discovery was made of a hidden hollow within the statue, and within the hollow a removal part of the statue and a wooden “cloth” covering the statue’s buttocks.

The hiding place revealed a note written in 1777 by Joaquin Minguez, a chaplain at the Cathedral de Burgo Osma. In the note, Minguez makes reference to Manuel Bal, sculptor of Cristo del Miserere and also references 5-other statues one located in Santa Agueda. Minguez also mentions the then King of Spain, Carlos III, local dignitaries and the region’s crops.

The note also references contemporary issues of the day such common diseases including malaria and typhoid fever, as well as popular entertainments such as cards and ball games.

The original letter is written on both sides of two pieces of paper which experts carefully removed from the statue and sent directly to the archives of the Archbishopric of Burgos, however a copy of the latter was placed back inside the statue preserving the original intent of the clever 18th century priest.

Although the find is unusual, there have been hidden historical treasures found within statutes before.

Moreover perhaps the most unsettling find was a 1,000-year old mummified monk, found inside a Chinese statue of Buddha, think about that the next time you crack open a Chinese fortune cookie.

Do you believe there are a lot more hidden secrets within ancient statues yet to be uncovered?

Source: Fox News

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