If you watched the news of the arrest of Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman with the rest of the world you know about the drug cartel leader's penchant for high-powered weapons and power. What you might not have picked up on from the media broadcasts, however, is the fact that some of Guzman's weapons were supplied to him by the U.S. government.

The Obama Administration's Fast & Furious program has been undergoing intense scrutiny for quite some time now. But that scrutiny has only increased with the news that one of the high-powered rifles recovered from Guzman's personal stash was a gun from Fast & Furious.

Officials recovered a .50 caliber rifle from the hideout where Guzman was captured and the markings on the rifle let authorities know exactly where it came from: Phoenix, Arizona.

According to the Fast & Furious program's operating procedures, known criminals in Phoenix were allowed to purchase weapons and smuggle them south across the U.S. border to Mexico. However, things went awry when over half of the 2,000 weapons involved in the operation slipped from authorities' hands and went missing.

Fast & Furious is yet another example of a supposedly well-meaning government program that went terribly wrong.

In the specific instance of the .50 caliber rifle recovered from El Chapo's hideout, it seems that the drug lord used the high-powered rifle to protect himself against Mexican police helicopters. Because the .50 caliber is so large and powerful it is easily able to take down a flying helicopter or stop a car. Guzman would place his henchmen in the hills surrounding his drug smuggling operations with orders to shoot down any helicopters that came by investigating the scene.

What is more outrageous than a drug lord obtaining a U.S.-sponsored rifle, however, is the fact that the Obama administration has worked so hard to cover up this colossal mistake.

It's time for Obama to face the music. Fast & Furious is just another example of his terribly flawed foreign policy. We need a new president pronto! Thank goodness we're now in his final year.

h/t: Fox News

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