State’s rights do not matter to the in-the-pocket-of-Obama American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).

Such is the case with Indiana, whereby the ACLU is suing Governor Mike Pence (R) for respecting his state’s citizenry and refusing to admit Syrian refugees into his backyard.

While Governor Pence states that “Indiana has a long tradition of opening our arms and homes to refugees from around the world…” his job is to protect his state’s citizens first and foremost.

He will be maintaining his position until the federal government can ensure that these “refugees” are properly vetted.

Governor Pence is doing the right thing; the safety our nation’s people should be paramount and we should not play second fiddle to anyone.

The ACLU should be ashamed of themselves and each member or representative ought to volunteer to take a refugee into their own home if they are so certain there is no risk involved.

Source: mrcTV




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