There are plenty of things to love about President George W. Bush, and there are plenty of things not to love.

However, one thing that we should all appreciate is how the man always went out of his way to put others ahead of himself.

Unlike President Obama, who has a set the precedence for self-serving narcissistic behavior.

Perhaps the contrast between the two men is never more apparent than during the Christmas holiday.

Everyone wants to be with their families for Christmas.

They want to gather with loved ones, watch their children open gifts, laugh with each other, and just enjoy the one time in the year when the world seems to stop and breathe a sigh of relief.

President Bush appreciated that fact and made a point to never leave Washington D.C., for his own Christmas vacation, until December 26th.

He did this to allow the entourage of staffers, reporters, and Secret Service agents to spend Christmas with their loved ones.

President Obama’s version of a White House Christmas is to round-up those same hundreds of people, disrupt their lives and convoy them all right behind him as he jets off to Oahu days in advance of Christmas.

One was a servant of the people, the other believes himself to be lord and master.

h/t: Young Cons

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