To many law-abiding folks, the world seems to have gone insane, and with America under siege, from both international terrorism and domestic violence against law enforcement we wonder if we’ll ever right the course.

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Although it’s of concern to us as adults, imagine for a moment what those young children of police officers are going through, and if they’re old enough to understand, the emotional trauma within their young and impressionable lives.

Perhaps noting illustrates this better than a photo of a young girl and her brother in their own uniform next to their daddy’s police vehicle, and praying for his safe return.

The photo appeared on-line the same day as a crazed racist gunman ambushed and murdered 3-police officers responding to call of a gunman in Baton Rouge.

The tagline with the photo simply reads; "Praying their father and all police officers return home safely."

If anything this moving photo leaves little doubt that children of police officers face unique emotional challenges, perhaps equal to those who serve within the armed forces.

We as adults should be keenly aware of that sacrifice, and those families that risk their wellbeing in protecting us, against that fine line between a civil society and anarchy.

Do you think this photo can serve as a powerful reminder that police officers are not just to serve and protect their community but often have families and children that depend on them as well?

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Do you think this photo is a great reminder that police officers often have children who are counting on them to come home every day safe? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Fox

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