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The ambush murder of 5-police officers and the additional wounding of 7, has no doubt left the city of Dallas in shock, and a country concerned about its future.

However 2-days after that heinous act by a deranged racist, the shock wore off enough, for James Evans, Roger Tarrant, and Paul Wilson to rake matters into their own hands and armed themselves with AR-15s and went to the Patton Village Police Department to stand guard outside the building.

Within moments passing drivers honked their horns, while other pedestrians passing by thanked them, taking pictures and acknowledging their good deed.

In fact their good deed became contagious with people stopping off giving the trio food, bottled water, and within a short time the food began piling up on the hoods of their pickup trucks.

In fact, the men garnered so much support in the form of food and bottled water that they began stacking the food on the hoods of their pickup trucks so well-wishers could see they already had more than they could handle.

However the heavy traffic outside the police station became a concern and the department used Facebook to warn drivers to stay clear of the area.

Evans said he just “wanted to show police that civilians stood by them, that they aren’t alone.” He added, “I am tired of seeing officers slain for doing their job.”

The City of Splendora Police Department responded with this thankful message on social media:

Source: Breitbart

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