Remember the Sunday school lesson taken from the Old Testament book of Genesis, about the Tower of Babel? That’s the one where the people grew to be so arrogant as to think they were like God and were building a tower to reach the heavens. The tower was destroyed and the people were scattered to the four winds. It remains a great lesson in humility.


It would seem that Muslims are having their own lesson in this regard. If one considers the Muslim world is in the cradle of civilization and the general region where the thousands of years-old tale took place, we can assume the people did not get the hint the first time.

Compound this by the date of their catastrophe and religious calendar and one can also assume the big guy in the sky is ticked off for another reason.

On September 11th, our nation paid its respects for the tragedy that befell us 14 years ago. On that day fanatical Islam attacked our country and killed thousands of people by flying two jet liners into the World Trade Centers in Manhattan, New York.


Another plane into the Pentagon, and a fourth that was drilled to the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania by the American martyrs aboard. Many lives were lost that day and our country has never been the same since.


In what is an eerie, almost apocalyptic foreshadowing of events for the Islamic world, and on the proverbial eve of their haji, they just suffered a tragedy of their own. For inexplicable reasons a crane owned by the Bin Laden Family no less at the Grand Mosque of Mecca collapsed and killed and injured over 200 people. This accident is attributed to wind and thunderstorms.


Why have they not considered their Allah is not happy with them? If they are the religion of peace, then certainly their peaceful god is seriously displeased with their behavior of late.


Perhaps he has decided to vent his frustration on them at one of their most sacred places.
Could this be interpreted as their version of the Tower of Babel?

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