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Secretary of State John Kerry went into a political conniption fit when the letter from 47 Republicans written to Iran made it into the press. Stating that the letter ignores more than two centuries of precedent in the conduct of US foreign policy, perhaps the inflamed Secretary of State should have remembered his own history a touch better.

The year was 1971. President Nixon and Secretary of State Kissinger were making their attempts to negotiate the end of the Vietnam War. A young man named John Kerry was president of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War, which is proof positive that age added wisdom can't fix stupid, especially in the Democratic agenda.

Kerry did more than send a letter, however. He physically travelled to Paris to meet with the North Vietnamese delegation, an active enemy against the nation. He spoke directly with one of their top negotiators, Madame Nguyen Binh, which didn't get fully disclosed until Kerry's 2004 campaign for the Presidency.

Allowing himself to be transformed into a useful idiot, John Kerry returned to the United States and focused the power of the Vietnam Veterans Against the War to undermine official negotiations, demanding that Nixon grants everything North Vietnam wants. If you don't recall, that included paying our enemies vast sums of money for war reparations.

Today, Secretary of State John Kerry needs to repeat his vitriolic rant while staring in the mirror. He did state that in the 29 years of being in the Senate, he never heard of anything comparable being proposed, when regarding the letter from 47 Republicans to Iran. Okay, we'll give in to the fact that the young John Kerry was not a member of the Senate yet, but those past actions gives an ironic truth towards today's handy lie. Kerry pretty much did the same thing back in 1971, but in a much more involved, and possibly even considered traitorous manner, due to the follow-up actions of his past affiliations with Vietnam Veterans Against the War.

The differences are hard to ignore. While the North Vietnamese wanted money and a complete removal of US forces, Iran wants a nuclear bomb to wipe their enemies off of the face of the Earth. To keep us in perspective, that includes Israel and the United States. John Kerry's staggering level of hypocrisy in this matter isn't strange for the Democrats these days, but his Iranian appeasement quest needs to come to an end.



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