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“Stunning, jaw dropping, astounding” or perhaps a more descriptive term would be “treacherous” and a “betrayal” of trust and perhaps of the law, in that a sitting American Senator secretly sending out a communiqué instructing another country and a  recognized terrorist state not to negotiate a nuclear deal in “good-faith” with a sitting American President, who by virtue of the constitution is the one and only government official recognized as the only legal authority to directly negotiate an arms deal, is quite frankly “unimaginable’.

And yet that is apparently what has happened when then presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama in 2008 sent a “secret message” via  former Ambassador, William G Miller telling the Iranian government not to negotiate with the outgoing George Bush administration, and that if elected he would be a lot more “friendly” towards the régime.

The disclosure of the secret communiqué came to light once again from an interview with Mark Levin on his radio show in October of 2014, and confirmed by columnist Michael Ledeen who had written extensively about it, in that Obama used a secret back channel to Tehran to assure the mullahs that he was a friend of the Islamic Republic, and they would be very happy with his policies.

Obviously this revelation is astounding to say the least and yet the facts of the story have gone relatively unnoticed, until now and all because of the recent dust-up involving the open letter addressed to Iran  by those 47-Republican Senators, that any deal done and not ratified by congress could easily be undone by the next administration.

And perhaps that’s the reason why the Prime Minister of Israel accepted the invitation to speak in front of congress, perhaps he knew all along the “treacherous betrayal” that is about to take place, and perhaps he knew the deal that Obama would abandon the requirements that Iran stop enriching uranium with most or all sanctions removed under the pretext of compliance.

It seems obvious that Obama has little if any regard for the security of Israel, and even less regard for the laws and institutions that govern America, time and again we’ve witnessed one scandal after another, and lawless acts that would by any standard acts of impeachment, and yet.

Perhaps the Foreign Minister of Iran said it best;   “The nuclear program will continue and all the sanctions and violations against the Iranian nation under the pretext of the nuclear program will be removed gradually”.




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