Unless you’re living under a rock, the recent none stop media coverage of criminal illegal aliens has become the main topic dominating the news media, thanks in part to presidential candidate and businessman Donald Trump, who single-handedly brought this topic to the forefront rather than where politicians on both sides of the aisle wanted it “hidden”.

However the recent murder of a beautiful young woman in San Francisco gunned down by an illegal criminal alien as sparked national outrage, and further ignited a firestorm when it was revealed that this character was deported 5-times and had 7-felony confections. San Francisco is a “sanctuary city” and prides itself as a haven for illegal aliens including criminals, and willfully flaunts federal law in ferreting out those that pose a direct threat to its citizens.

However as brash as Trump was in his original remarks, in clarifying the particulars, in that the devil is indeed in the details…and so here are the details.

As of fiscal 2009, the total alien  non-U.S.-citizen  population was about 25.3 million, including about 10.8 million aliens without lawful immigration status.”

“The number of criminal aliens in federal prisons in fiscal year 2010 was about 55,000, and the number of criminal alien incarcerations in state prison systems and local jails was about 296,000 in fiscal year 2009, and the majority were from Mexico.”

As for those federal prisoners, the GAO states, “In fiscal year 2005, the criminal alien population in federal prisons was around 27%t of the total inmate population, and from fiscal years 2006 through 2010 remained consistently around 25%.”

Also “criminal aliens” were arrested, convicted and incarcerated for 25,064 homicides. If non-citizens committed them over seven years, the annual rate would be 14.2%, per 100,000 non-citizens. If illegal aliens committed them over four years, the annual rate would be 58.0% per 100,000 illegal aliens. Either way you compute, those are high rates.

By comparison, the FBI reports the murder rate for the entire U.S. from 2003 through 2009 varied from 5.0% to 5.8%, per 100,000 inhabitants for an average rate of 5.5%. To be clear, 5.5% is much lower than either 14.2% or 58.0%.

h/t: American Thinker


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