Something has clearly gone off the tracks here. A Muslim Imam just made some deeply disturbing comments to justify covering young girls up with traditional Muslim garb.

If you find a 6 year-old-girl 'sexy' at any time something is very wrong with you... period! The entire attitude towards woman in Islam is 100% incompatible with our society.

Conservative Post reports:

This is sickening, but it is not out of the ordinary. So many Muslim countries under the sharia allow child marriage, in accordance with Muhammad’s preferences for child brides.

Since Muhammad is the supreme example for Muslims to follow, all too often even the youngest girls are married off, and are seen as objects of desire.

Just recently, women in Iraq protested new sharia legislation approved by the Iraqi cabinet that would permit the marriage of nine-year-old girls (the age Muhammad consummated his marriage with his favorite wife, Aisha).

Meanwhile, they have to cover up, even at the earliest ages, to avoid tempting their own fathers. And if their fathers end up tempted anyway, it’s their fault.

Islamic fundamentalists have shown time and again that they are living in the stone ages.

That's their problem though. Lets not allow it to become ours and stand up to misguided liberals who demand we accept this type of culture in America. It will come back to bite us.



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