As businesses begin to gear up for holiday business, a bakery advertising itself as “politically incorrect” is receiving national attention for its stand against the national obsession with avoiding anything that might arguably be offensive to any person or group.

I'm still laughing! In our day and age, where everyone is offended by everything, I thought this was perfect!! Thank you to Schuler's for this sign!! I hope all of their locations have this!!

Posted by Jackie Stevens on Thursday, November 19, 2015

Trent A. Schuler, CEO and Owner of Schuler’s Bakery in Springfield, Ohio posted a sign in front of its four stores that read:

“Notice. This store is politically incorrect. We say Merry Christmas, God Bless America, we salute our flag & give thanks to our troops, police officers and firefighters. If this offends you, you are welcome to leave. In God We Trust.

Schuler’s Bakery has been a popular family-run business for eighty years.

A photo of the sign was picked up by local and national news outlets and posted on the bakery’s Facebook page, drawing thousands of comments, one of which was from a member of the military in North Carolina, which read: “Keep up the good patriotism and please ship some to us here at Fort Bragg.”

Another posted a photograph of a box of Schuler’s doughnuts and asked, “Which one tastes the least like politics?”

While many commenters have posted support for the bakery, applauding the owner’s stand for “Free speech – glad to be politically incorrect,” a few view it cynically as a way for the bakery to receive cheap publicity: “A ploy for attention against an imaginary threat.”

Schuler responded by saying the sign is a personal expression of his belief, which he thinks may be shared by others.

“I felt like there’s a large majority out there who are silent who have some of the same feelings and views that I share. I felt it was time for someone to step forward. … I believe God has blessed me in so many ways, and I wanted to share that with others as well as being a positive voice in society supporting folks who put their lives at risk for us every day.”

Another poster wrote: “Awesome of you to stand by your beliefs and let your patrons know you aren’t meaning any disrespect, but that you won’t change to please everyone!”

The Ohio baker may be taking on more than overly sensitive customers who find offense in references to Christmas, God and support of flag and first responders.

A state appeals court in Colorado recently ruled that the owners of a Christian bakery can not only be fined for refusing to design a wedding cake for homosexuals, but may be ordered to undergo “sensitivity training.”

The Colorado Court of Appeals found that the owner’s First Amendment right to the free exercise of his religious beliefs were not violated by a requirement that he bake a cake for a homosexual couple’s wedding reception.

One lifelong satisfied customer of Schuler's Bakery in Ohio, however, expressed his wholehearted loyalty to the bakery he has been going to since he was a child, writing, “There’s no other doughnuts than Schuler’s!”

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