The SNAP program is considered by many Americans to be an important federal social safety net that serves millions of Americans -- including people who have entered the country illegally.

It is the latter category of people who are literally wetting their pants at the prospect of being deported under the Trump administration. SNAP officials say they've gotten a number of calls from illegal immigrants on food stamps asking if they should get out of the program. That way, they can't be identified by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and won't be deported.

This is called "consciousness of guilt," because these "immigrants" are fully aware that they are in the U.S. illegally and that by feeding at the public trough they are breaking the law.

SNAP outreach coordinator Luisa Fortin, in a recent interview with the Washington Post, said her "heart just breaks" for these alien scofflaws.

“I get calls from concerned parents all the time: ‘should I take my kids out of the program?’ They’re risking hunger out of fear … and my heart just breaks for them,” Fortin told the WaPo.

Fortin failed to express the same sentiment for U.S. citizens whose taxes pay for the program or for those Americans who have truly fallen on hard times.

At present there are an estimated 45 million Americans who receive food stamps (EBT debit cards) to obtain the basic necessities for survival. Many are unable to work due to a physical disability or because they simply can't find a good paying job. While the official unemployment rate is 4.7 percent, John Williams of Shadowstats.com says the real unemployment rate is as high as 23 percent when you factor in part-time workers and people who have given up searching for work.

According to the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, an estimated 94 million people are no longer in the workforce.

The SNAP program is therefore a lifeline for millions of Americans who couldn't make it without the program.

There is no excuse for our government allowing illegal aliens to receive social benefits at taxpayer expense.

Fear is a good thing if it gets these alien interlopers to drop out of the SNAP program and go back home.

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Source: <a href="http://www.dailywire.com/news/14516/excellent-illegal-immigrants-stop-taking-food-hank-berrien" target="_blank">Daily Wire</a>



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