From fence jumpers in the U.S. to Muslim refugees in Europe, these people coming in by the millions are absolute sweethearts that will contribute to the economy and most of all, to diversity and multiculturalism.

That's the logic, at least, if you ask any liberal. Of course, reality paints a far less rosy picture. What progressives will try to hide are the dozens of instances of illegals committing violent crimes against citizens. Does Kate Steinle's name ring a bell?

It looks like the "peaceful" illegals struck again. This time, brutally murdering a border patrol agent.

Agent Rogilio Martinez was tracking a group of illegals who jumped the fence when he was ambushed and struck over the head numerous times with rocks. The violent assault left Martinez dead and his partner in the hospital fighting for his life.

The scumbags that murdered Martinez obviously don't represent the vast majority of illegals. However, it can't be disputed that among the crowd are people with gang affiliations and long rap sheets of crimes ranging from petty theft to murder.

Of course, these are the very people that the left thinks conservatives are racist for wanting to keep out.

Here's something else to contemplate: the slain border patrol agent is of Hispanic origin. He lost his life in service to the country. What about him and his family? To some of the radical SJWs, he was probably the Hispanic equivalent of an Uncle Tom and deserving of his tragic fate.

This is how liberals think: if you're brown, you better be for open borders and tow the Democrat agenda. Otherwise, you're a turncoat working for the enemy (White people).

Will America finally wake up to the woes caused by mass illegal immigration? More importantly, is it time to finally get the damn wall built?

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