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The unprecedented flood of illegal aliens entering America continues unabated, refugees from around the world and especially from Central America have apparently been keeping a close eye on the immigration issue currently raging between the Obama administration and the federal courts, and have concluded that it’s business as usual along the U.S.-Mexican border, with children also making up a sizable number of those entering, and in many instances making the treacherous journey alone.

This trend began in 2014 when a record-breaking number of illegal aliens inspired by Obama’s public open door policy poured across the border overwhelming both the Border Patrol and those resources needed to process them.

This time around the Border Patrol is requesting additional resources in anticipation of the continued increase of refugees crossing, and although overwhelmed, there is a bright spot and perhaps the debate of whether “a wall” would slow the flood of illegal aliens, in Yuma County, Arizona's southwestern most corner there was a marked decrease in the number of illegal aliens crossing due to increased patrols and the fortification of an existing fence, which saw a significant decline of almost 90% by some estimates.

However Yuma Sheriff's Capt. Eben Bratcher put the 90% figure in perspective, saying, "They’re not what you would consider a typical border crosser, many of these people are from other nations, other than Mexico. Central America, Chinese, Romanians are a big one right now, and so that’s kind of a change in what we’ve come to expect here."

There seems to be no doubt that the unprecedented number of immigrants flooding into America is a global migration crisis.

In San Diego for example the number of Chinese immigrants “illegally being smuggled” into America within the last few years has skyrocketed, with an estimated 663 Chinese nationals between October and May, being apprehended compared with fewer then 50 within that general time period, according to U.S. Customs and Border Protection.

Wendi Lee, a spokeswoman for the Border Patrol, referenced the lucrative business of smuggling Chinese immigrants saying, “We’re talking anywhere from $50,000 to $70,000 per person, the further you travel from, the more arrangements these criminal organizations have to make, the more expensive it will get.”

However at the end of the day, America’s national security, along with the American taxpayer, will be left holding the bag.

Source: AZPM, San Diego Union Tribune



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