Another senseless tragedy that should never have happened! And yet a week doesn’t go by without another illegal immigrant either creating carnage with a gun or driving recklessly on our nation's highways.

This dreadful incident claimed the life of a father-of-three at the hands of an Illegal Mexican alien who was deported out of this country 7-times, only to return for the 8th time and this time destroy a life.

Nemias Garcia-Velasco, 32 decided to get behind the wheel of his van after drinking 12-beers, and recklessly drove his truck with speeds exceeding 100mph when he lost control and crashed into a guardrail, flipping over bursting into flames, killing his passenger 58-year-old Silvano Torres.

Prosecutor Ryan Lindberg said Garcia-Velasco was driving down Interstate 80 around 1 pm on Wednesday when the incident occurred.


After the accident, Garcia-Velasco was immediately taken into custody where he admitted to consuming 12-beers, drinking most of the night into the morning of the crash.

Lindberg acknowledged during the processing phase while in police custody Garcia-Velasco admitted he had been deported 7-times

During Garcia-Velasco's hearing, Lindberg also said the man had been removed from the US a total of seven times, and also admitted losing control of his 2001 Dodge Ram work van, and killing his passenger. Another passenger, Jesus I. Gonzalez, 16, was treated at the hospital and released the day of the crash.

According to news reports, Garcia-Velasco was taken to the hospital (in police custody) immediately after the accident for observation, and his blood-alcohol level was checked and registered at .243.

Silvano Torres had legal documentation to be in the U.S, and had lived in Omaha for nearly 6-years; he leaves behind a girlfriend, 2-daughters, and a son.

Garcia-Velasco suffered facial burns, and charged with motor vehicle homicide in the death of Torres; His bail was set at $2-million. Ironically Velasco was convicted just the day before the horrific crash of having fake citizenship papers.

Tell us in the comments below if you think Silvano Torres was also at fault for getting into the van with an impaired Garcia-Velasco?

Source: Daily Mail

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