In prophetic truth to those things stated by Donald Trump, we have yet another incident of a murder committed by an illegal alien on our hands. This time, in America’s heartland of Nebraska. The Omaha Police, let him go. 

The murderous thug is on the run, and he could be anywhere. His name is Eswin Mejia. He is 19 years old, and he killed 21-year old Sara Root. He was drunkenly street-racing when he did it, with a blood alcohol content 4x the legal limit, and a suspended driver’s license.

Immigration and Customs Enforcement could not be bothered with doing their jobs and issuing a detainer. That said, the police said they are “not empowered to enforce federal immigration laws….” according to Omaha Depute Police Chief, Dave Baker.

How about murder, regardless of one’s citizenship?!  The guy killed a woman. In your community. Who gives a you-know-what about where he came from?

Apparently, the Modus Operandi of the local law enforcement, and being a sanctuary city (surprise!) is this;

"We do attempt to make sure the judge is aware the individual is in the country illegally, not on the basis of whether the individual is guilty or not guilty. It does not effect what charges they are charged with on a local or a state basis. It has to do with whether or not there is a flight risk,” said Baker.

Mejia is on the run, and Root’s family was unaware he had been cut loose. Nobody had the nerve to tell them they let him go.

Root’s father said laying his daughter to rest cost more than Mejia’s bond.

What an utter travesty.

Source: Britbartd

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