Eric Oliver was a husband and father, a Navy veteran of two tours in Iraq and a Florida Gators fan.

He was also a Florida County Sheriff’s Deputy who lost his life on a Florida highway when he rushed to the aid of U.S. Border Agents who were pursuing a suspect.

Oliver, 32, was chasing Francisco Portillo-Fuentes, an El Salvadoran who had been deported at least twice, most recently only months before in August 2016, before illegally reentering two days before the attempted apprehension by the border agents led to Oliver’s death.

Oliver was struck by a vehicle as he ran after Portillo-Fuentes.

Portillo-Fuentes fled the scene and was captured after a massive manhunt, while officers from Florida’s 67 counties, law enforcement officers from Georgia and South Carolina and Gov. Rick Scott attended Oliver’s funeral a few days later – along with nearly 1,000 people who filled the church and lined the streets along the route to his final resting place.

The police dispatcher’s voice crackled, “End of watch: Nov. 22, 2016. Rest in peace, Eric. Job well done.”

Now, four months later, Portillo-Fuentes has been sentenced for his role in the senseless death – two years in prison.

It was the maximum sentence allowed after he pleaded guilty to illegal reentry following a prior deportation; the court’s probation department had recommended even less – only six to 12 months.

But while U.S. District Judge Marcia Morales Howard with the illegal alien’s attorney who argued that Portillo-Fuentes had not intended to harm Deputy Oliver when he fled from the border agents, she found that he was still responsible for initiating the events that “ultimately cost a life.”

In the end, if Portillo-Fuentes had not returned to the U.S. after deportation – twice – he would not have been attempting to flee U.S. Border Agents across a Florida highway and Eric Oliver would not have felt compelled to do his duty in rushing to their aid.

Portillo-Fuentes would be in El Salvador and Eric Oliver would be serving the people of Nassau County, raising his six-year-old daughter and cheering on the Florida Gators.

This is the way Democrats, liberals, progressives, the Hollywood elite and the Silicon Valley technocrats want it – open borders.


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