When President Obama announced his intention to “fundamentally transform America,” voters enthralled with the election of the nation’s first mixed-race president were too drunk with the 90-proof elixir they were imbibing to ask follow-up questions.

Transform America? To what? How? Why?

Now, nearly eight years after that sweeping and prophetic vow, as he prepares to move on to the next phase of his multi-million dollar lifestyle, the answers to those questions are plainly before us, as are the problems and issues his transformation created.

Obama refused to be bound by the Constitutional requirement that the president “take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” declaring he could by-pass the laws he didn’t like, boldly proclaiming that he could act without Congress by virtue of wielding “a phone and a pen.”

Today, the huge increase in illegal immigrants flooding into the country thanks to his new policies prove the success of his techniques.

Illegal immigration is up an astonishing 57 percent in the past two years, 2014 and 2015, with at least 550,000 undocumented aliens crossing the border, up 200,000 than each of the two previous years.

As a reference for comparison, the president has created the equivalent of another city the size of Albuquerque or Milwaukee into the United States – with no authority other than his sheer will, the acquiescence of an unquestioning media, and a timid and compliant Republican Congress.

The Center for Immigration Studies analysis of the numbers put immigration at over 1.5 million a year, the highest since the turn of the century.

Steven Camarota, who analyzed the data said, “You’re looking at a big jump. The latest Census Bureau data shows that the scale of new immigration is clearly enormous… and raises profound questions about assimilation and the impact on the nation’s education system, infrastructure, and labor market.”

Given the opportunity in this election year to begin to fundamentally restore America, voters must put immigration policy at the top of list as they consider the candidates’ positions facing the country.

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