Reminiscent of the raids of Pancho Villa at the turn of the 20th-century, American farmers were forced to take up arms in protection of their property. Outside of picturesque Queens Creek, Arizona, home of the annual American Heritage Festival, the Southwestern United States largest educational living history event, property owner, Greg Hudson, was forced to take up arms to protect his homestead and family as a hail of gunfire was unleashed by an armed illegal alien intent on searching Hudson’s property.

An Armed Invasion on the Arizona Border

The disturbing incident began with a knock on the door of a trailer, which is used by farm workers to cool off from the hot Arizona sun. At the time, the trailer was occupied by Hudson’s wife and children, as well as a farm employee on break, Kyle Wormley, who answered the urgent knock at the trailer door.

Wormley was not expecting the confrontation when he rose to answer the door.

Standing outside the trailer, an illegal immigrant, later identified as Victor Callazo, was demanding egress into the trailer for a search. When Wormley balked at the attempt, Callazo lifted his shirt to show that he was armed with a handgun. Fearing for the safety of the woman and children with him, Wormley consented to the search that apparently did not yield the results that Callazo had hoped.

After completing his search, the invader became angry, and interrupted his stream of Spanish to enunciate clearly, in English, "I’ll be back." Rightly, Wormley viewed that as a threat and notified his employer and local authorities.

Escalation to Gunfire and Arrest of Illegal Alien

When Hudson arrived, he thought it prudent to load up his shotgun and make sure that the invader had moved off his property, and proceeded to drive around the perimeter of his homestead when he spied Callazo. When the Mexican noticed the scrutiny, he pulled out his pistol and fired numerous shots at Hudson.

Armed as he was with his shotgun, Hudson fired two rounds and struck Callazo as local Pinal County Sheriff Deputies arrived to collar the would-be killer. When searched, Callazo was found in possession of two fake social security cards a fake immigration visa. Clearly, this was a hombre that was up to no good on United States soil.

While the Obama Administration dithers on the sidelines, real Americans like Greg Hudson are on the frontlines battling to secure our nation’s borders. This indeed was the Founding Father’s intent when they penned the Second Amendment.



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