What a fine specimen of a human being we have here!

An illegal immigrant charged within attempting to sexually assault (aka molest) a 10-year-old girl.  The fact that he did this in church is irrelevant to the fact that this filth did it at all.  AND, he tried to make a date with the child for a future cop-a-feel session the following week.  It was her fault. She flirted with him. He was lonely.  (Seriously, you can't make this up.)

It is times like these, and cretins such as this, that one really stops and thinks for a minute and considers just how crazy would it be to build a fence along our borders. Egads! What? You mean protect ourselves from bad guys?

YES!  After you have won that mental battle, you can roll around the bend to the thought that maybe the off the wall idea of a moat, filled with hungry alligators is also not so bad.  After all, garbage such as this guy shouldn't go to waste.

Anyhow, Hilario Baltazar was arrested when he returned to the rendezvous location for what he probably envisioned to be a hot time.  There are not enough words or thoughts to accurately describe the kind of hell this man will hopefully find himself in someday.  Perhaps behind bars, where he can experience "flirting" and back-rubs and butt grabs, not unlike what he tried on the child.

After giving the lame excuses above, Hilario confessed to his crimes. He then casually asked if he could go back to Mexico now, since their little guy-time pow-wow was done.

Unbelievable, and just another example of how Obama's guest worker, green card, I-Gotta-Dream-Act, or whatever is the buzz word now, for letting illegal aliens cross our borders and move among us, has not, does not, and will not work.

h/t: Live Leak



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