For those old enough to remember or perhaps students of history, the Viet Nam war became a big part of America’s drug culture during the turbulent 60’s, and drug smuggling actually became a cottage industry along with fighting the “bad guys”.

Then as now corrupt countries relied on the drug trade to prop up their sagging economies, so it’s not usual to have those few sketchy individuals within the military looking to make a quick and easy score.

Ironically not much has changed since the 60’s when it comes to the political elite in Washington, then it was Viet Nam’s infamous “Golden Triangle”, today it’s a dozen or so National Guard troops suspected of aiding violent drug lords, and of course totally ignored by government officials in Washington, D.C., and major national news outlets, until it became to big and issue to ignore.

The far-reaching investigation, identified members of the Arizona National Guard including military recruiters working as “muscle” and “traffickers” for Mexican drug gangs, according to a  joint report by both the FBI and the DOJ.

Sgt. Raul Portillo, who listed Phoenix, Arizona, as home but was, suspected of living in Mexico, entered a guilty plea to one count of conspiracy to commit bribery and interfere with commerce by attempted extortion.

Obviously corruption is corruption regardless of ones legal status, however since becoming president, Obama has been quietly replacing American citizens, who are being terminated from their military units with illegal aliens in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces, in an apparent attempt to “transform America”.

And as usual there always seems to be a question with this administration actually enforcing the law, in that although Portillo was identified by the FBI as a suspect, he mysteriously was never charged and he allegedly fled to Mexico.

Former NYPD police officer Iris Aquino, said; “In the case of Portillo, as well as other soldiers and sailors involved in criminal enterprises, the Defense Department and law enforcement agencies appear to be complicit in covering up the crime and misconduct cases involving enlisted ‘undocumented immigrants.'”

h/t: Radix News

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