When the national debate turns to immigration, our immediate reaction depending on our individual ideology, and perhaps out own personal experiences, is to either support or reject the concept of open borders, some might argue that America is a land of immigrants and we should welcome all who seek to come, without question, others might counter that in light of recent history America’s National Security interests should be above all else paramount.

And no doubt those passions on both sides of the issue are sincere, however passions aside there is stark and unequivocal evidence that America is in the midst of an immigration crises and regardless of the political spin by this administration, our citizens are at risk!

Recently the town of Brentwood, on Long Island fell victim to alien gang violence when police discovered the battered bodies of 15-year old Nisa Mickens and her best friend, Kayla Cuevas, 16, and just 2-weeks later the skeletal remains of two more teenagers.

These obvious unsolved murders and the recent increase in illegal alien gang activity has residents of this once peaceful New York community worried, as the upsurge in violent crime seems to correlate with a 2014 census figure that 68% or roughly 17,000 illegal aliens, have settled in Brentwood.

Ray Mayo, the president of the Brentwood Association of Concerned Citizens, when asked by the media about the crises responded “There’s been a huge influx, to be honest with you.”

Moreover he was extremely concerned in the number of illegal aliens crowding into rental properties, and the obvious danger that poses on the community adding; “It seems like a whole new set of gang members who have stirred the pot up.”


Perhaps the only way to actually address the current debate taking place on immigration is to simply present the facts that progressives seem to ignore, recently the Obama Administration released over 36,000 criminal illegal aliens from federal custody back unto the streets of America, these individuals committed and were convicted of over 88,000 crimes that included homicides, sexual assaults, kidnappings and theft...and no doubt Brentwood and other communities all across America are now feeling the effects of that decision.


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