Here’s another example of the type of garbage that is flowing over our southern border.

Bryan Hyde, age 19, is originally from the South American country of Belize. Recently Hyde committed a heinous crime against a member of his own cousin, Starlette Pitts. For reasons unknown at this time, he murdered her, her boyfriend Michael Kelly, Jr., her mother Dorla Pitts. Most tragic of all, however, was the unknowing murder of the unborn baby Starlette was carrying. The only survivor of the gruesome blood bath was Starlette's 18 month old daughter. As of now we only know that their deaths were the results of “sharp force trauma” and officers described the scene as one of the most horrific crime scenes that they had ever witnessed.

Hyde is no stranger to crime. For the record, in January of this year, he illegally entered the United States via the southern Texas border. Within 8 months, he managed to commit a robbery. In November of last year, he assaulted a police officer. He is also a suspect in a 2013 double homicide, whereby he was simply charged with “handling stolen goods.”

Would everyone agree that Mr. Hyde is a bad guy from south of the border? Regardless of his country of origin, he can be said to be not one of his country’s “best.”

Hyde is an illegal alien, who has racked up quite a resume of violent crime since 2013. A couple of questions come to mind. Was he deported at some point? Or did he just waltz back and forth across the border like a tourist whose version of sight-seeing involved murder and mayhem along the way?

If he was never deported, and came and went over the course of 2 years, this would possibly put him in the category of a DREAM-er, eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Fabulous.

This is an example of our president’s open-border policy. This is an example of our border patrol having their hands tied behind their backs. This is an example of the casualties of a president, and a more than willing-to-help-DOJ, an incompetent congress and a nearly useless justice system, all of whom, for some ungodly reason, are constantly putting every form of criminal above and beyond the health and welfare of this nation and her citizens.

This is hope and change, people.

Thank you Washington D.C.!

h/t: MRCTV

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