It's been a while since someone took to the screen or the stage to talk about illegal immigrants. Donald Trump began his presidential campaign by visiting the southern border of the country and speaking about the need for tighter immigration, but there's been a lull in the conversation.

News that an illegal immigrant raped, choked and physically assaulted a woman in Jersey City, New Jersey, however, should bring illegal immigration back to the forefront of people's minds.

The 34-year-old Bolivian immigrant, Richard A. Perez-Andia, assaulted a girl he had been dating and threatened multiple times to kill her, authorities said as Perez-Andia was charged before a judge. Perez-Andia had been in a dating relationship with the woman, but something set him off and he started to beat her.

He knelt on her while striking her in the face until she suffered a fractured eye socket. Then he began to strangle the 31-year-old woman, while telling her that he needed to kill her.

Thankfully the woman had the strength to later turn Perez-Andia into the police. He's now behind bars and facing a $300,000 bail charge, one that he'll hopefully be unable to pay. His bond is so high because Perez-Andia reportedly has a high-paying job and will be required to provide his own legal defense as well.

Thankfully the judge ordered the man to surrender his travel documents as well as to stay away from the woman. Hopefully that will prevent him from fleeing the country and force him to face justice.

While this incident didn't occur on the southern border, it still shows the lawlessness with which illegal immigrants treat the laws of the United States. Without any skin in the game like a fee to enter, or the threat of deportation, some illegal immigrants will do as this man did and continue to hurt and harm the citizens of our country. We need to fix the immigration system!


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