One night in a home in Fort Worth, Texas, horror struck while the family was fast asleep. Edis Moya Alas, an illegal immigrant from El Salvador, broke into the home of a Fort Worth family and kidnapped their sleeping 6-year-old girl. As soon as the girl's father realized that she was gone he immediately called the police, who were all horrified by what the illegal piece of trash had done to the 6-year-old girl.

Alas was able to sneak into the family's home without them realizing and take the child was missing. The girl's parents didn't realize that the girl was missing until the father woke up at 5 am and went to check on his daughter.

The dad found the front door wide open and his daughter had vanished without a trace. He immediately called the police and reported the kidnapping.

Almost immediately after getting the call the police organized a search and rescue party and began to scour the surrounding area, looking for the girl.

Almost 8 hours later the girl was eventually discovered when a man heard screaming coming the woods nearby. However, when the police finally discover the child they quickly realized why the child had been letting out such loud screams.

Alas had not only kidnapped the poor girl but he had taken her out into the woods to rape the helpless 6-year-old. As soon as the sick pervert was spotted by police he attempted to run. "He hid from officers. There wasn’t much of an area for him to run back there," said Fort Worth Police Captain Deven Pitt.

The girl immediately sprinted over to police for assistance "She was very scared" said Pitt. "She was very nervous. She obviously didn’t get to where she was by herself."

When cops actually did catch up to Alas in the woods they made sure arrest the sicko and put him in Mansfield Jail on a $200,000 bond. That's when they discovered that Alas was not even here legally and did not have the correct documentation.

These are the people that are coming into our country without our knowledge. They are a huge danger to our safety and people like Hillary and Obama just want to open our nations borders to anyone and everyone that wants to come in. It's time that somebody like Trump really does build that wall and our country starts taking border security seriously.

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Source: Mad World News

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