“I need money!”  And perhaps those three little words spell exactly what America of 2015 has become to the average illegal alien, sneaking across the border, “get what you can, anyway you can.”

Simple unapologetic greed seems to be the philosophy of illegal alien Roy Oritz whose life was saved while trapped in his car during a flash flood, last September.

Illegal Immigrant Roy Ortiz

“Amazingly” Ortiz has filed a lawsuit against the very people who saved his “miserable life” because they didn’t respond quickly enough.

His lawyer, Ed Ferszt, told reporters; Of course he was thankful because those divers did have a major role to play in saving his life that day. That doesn’t negate the fact that a mistake may have been made. I can understand why there’s a lot of furor over people thinking that he’s biting the hand that feeds. Does that mean that officers of North Metro Fire are above reproach?”

Spoken like a true sleazy lawyer!

Obviously both these characters are indicative of the type of society  we are  creating, where ethics no longer seems to matter, and the only motivating factor  is simple overt greed and nothing more.  

However don’t take my word, let Roy Oritz, an illegal alien speak for himself; Well, I’m happy. I’m really happy to be alive…But I’m looking for some help with my bills. I don’t have the money to pay.”

Ortiz, who claims he is still suffering from shoulder pain, is seeking $500,000 in damages… just think if those first-responders  didn’t get there in time, there would be no lawsuit.

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There are people around the world patiently waiting to become US citizens. There is no reason to reward law breakers with citizenship while other law abiding people follow our laws and go through the legal process to become citizens. Rewarding law breakers simply encourages people to break laws and it punishes people that choose to follow the rules.
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