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What is truly tragic is that this story has become all to common, an illegal alien committing yet another crime against an  innocent victim seems to no longer resonate, unless if course you’re the victim or perhaps a relative or a friend. This latest incident involves yet again another sexual assault of a child, under the age of 14.

Ruben Hernandez-Nunez 27 was arrested after a 10-year old girl reported the sexual assault to the police, and citing that the abuse had occurred within the last couple of weeks.

Ruben Hernandez-Nunez

And aside from the sexual assault allegations, Hernandez-Nunez was also charged with tampering with government documents.

And of course this wasn’t Hernandez-Nunez’s  first encounter with law enforcement and has an extensive criminal record, dating back to 2013, and it was determined at the time he was in the country illegally and was sentenced to 5-years in prison, however an immigration judge allowed him bond and Hernandez was back on the street without being deported.

Just another Illegal alien allowed to continue the mayhem on American streets while another progressive judge ignores the carnage taking place, while those law makers refuse to enforce the law, and law-abiding Americans are put in harm's way, by a growing horde of refugees, and a number of  illegal alien criminals.

Hernandez-Nunez is in the McLennan County Jail with a $255,000 bond.

Source: KXXV


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