The United State of Texas or the Lone Star Republic of Texas are two popular names for Texas if it were to secede from the Union. There's no doubt that the thought of Texas becoming its own country is popular amongst many that hold true to conservative beliefs (and it's even popular amongst liberals, "Let them have it! We'll take New York and California!"). But, if Texas were to secede, how would it fair? Would it be a prosperous nation or would it slowly fall into third world status?

If Texas were to secede and become its own nation, there would no doubt be growing pains. After all, Texas is the second largest state in the United States, that's a lot of land to defend and maintain. They would have to set up their own legal system, which we could assume would be a democracy, because freedom, they would have to set up their own infrastructure, including currency and defense systems, and they would have to figure out a way to make their economy stay afloat. But, if there's one thing Texas knows how to do, it's have a thriving economy. Their economy was ranked 14th in the world, and Houston on its own was 25th. In 2012 Texas had the 2nd strongest economy in the nation, and according to the Texas Comptroller's report, in 2013 the Texas GDP grew by 3.7% versus 1.8% for the whole U.S.


Texas is full of natural resources, from the oil in the ground to its fertile farmland, and since it's located along the Gulf of Mexico, it would be easy for them to do trade with nations in the Caribbean, as well as Central and South America. Assuming that the United States wouldn't put a trade embargo against the newly formed United State of Texas, they could continue to export beef and oil to the United States.

Companies are already attracted to setting up shop in Texas due to its lower taxes and and more relaxed regulations against corporations. There is no reason to believe that these would be changed. Also, Texas would be vying for more businesses to move there, so they would probably have a host of incentives for companies that moved their operations there.

The citizens of Texas would probably fare well with their new country as well. With the natural resources already at their disposal there wouldn't be much concern about getting food to the population. Getting power to the citizens would also be pretty easy, they already have their own power grid that covers a good portion of the state, and they could harness wind, solar, and even build nuclear power plants to allow more energy independence and a bonus export.

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