Well, well, well….lookie who we have here.

Faisal Mohammed.

Do you think the guy is Amish? How about Mormon? No wait…Buddhist.


He is Muslim. He is also un-hinged, anti-social, and appears to be a Jihadist. Wednesday, October 4th, Mohammed went on a killing spree. He did not use a gun however, so that eliminates the whole bashing of the 2nd Amendment by the Obama administration.

However, it does leave open the possibility for a new proposed ban on knives, although we really shouldn’t give the pro-Islamist government any ideas because let’s face it, if someone could commit a terrorist act with a spork, we would lose those handy little tools too.

Four students were wounded and one construction worker, by the name of Barry Price, stepped in to defend against the terrorist attack. Merced County Sheriff, Vern Warnke, hailed Price and campus police; “I really believe he’s a hero here.

I think he prevented this first student from dying,” and “The cops on campus, oh my gosh, praise them because they stopped a threat, but this first guy, he stopped a death.” Thank you American hero, Barry Price!

Our president is where? Since this is a college campus, Obama can’t run with “work place violence.” Perhaps he will manufacture something along the lines of the stress our students face today.

After the attack, a potential ISIS-linked Twitter account (why does Twitter allow these freak show terrorists accounts?), praised Mohammed, “May Allah Accept Him.” Sure. Into the burning fires of hell and the arms of his 72 banshee siren virgins.

While the investigation is on-going into the motives of Faisal Mohammed, the rest of us sane Americans know the truth. The Jihad is here. The Caliphate is coming. This is only the beginning of such terrorist attacks, and is but one of several now.

Our government will continue to ignore, deflect, re-direct, make lame excuses, and it will be up to us to do something about it…with our sporks more than likely if we don’t get a grip.

Source: Mad World News


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