Have you ever tried joking around with a leftist? It's not fun.

Ian Brown thought he'd push the boundaries of politically correct Britain by launching a Change.org petition on March 29 titled: "Stop Israeli Apartheid Against Dead Sea Fishermen -- Make Israel Give Them Fair Deal."

You've got to read it to appreciate it:

"Since Israel took control of the West Bank in 1967:

It has not issued a single fishing permit to Palestinian fishermen for fishing in the Dead Sea.

Irrigation projects have reduced the supply of fresh water entering the Dead Sea.

It has allowed millions of Zionist tourists to bathe in the Dead Sea and to remove minerals from it, whilst not a single fish has been legally caught by local fishermen.

Due to salinification, experts estimate that in 20 years' time there will be NO fish left in the Dead Sea. We need to act NOW.

The Tories have made precisely no statement about this issue since being elected in 2010. They clearly do not care about Palestinian fishermen.

This petition will be sent to Jeremy Corbyn, leader of Her Majesty's Opposition: as a self-described friend of Hamas and Hezbollah, we hope he can be relied upon to lead the fight against this Zionist aggression."

A bunch of lefties took the bait, so to speak.

"End Fish Apartheid," tweeted Mohammed Ta'alet

"Zionists ruin everything they touch," Bassamal Masri chimed in.

"Free Palestine!" Barclay Mollinson added.

Little do they know the Dead Sea is dead for a reason. Salt. Lots of salt. So much salt the water can't support aquatic life. It's so salty -- like sensory deprivation tank water salty, in fact -- you can actually float in it without any effort.

There's a reason leftists fall for pranks such as Brown's. It's because they don't think. So they fall for any fish tale they hear.

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Source: Daily Wire


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