Michelle Obama stands with her daughter Malia as Obama delivers remarks during a day of service to honor Martin Luther King, Jr, at a school in Washington

Even in the twilight years of Barack Hussein Obama's pandering, wealth-redistributing, teleprompter presidency, his hypocrisy quotient hasn't budged since he took office in 2008.

Never one to let a good talking point go to waste, Obama told a gathering at the Catholic-Evangelical Summit on Overcoming Poverty at Georgetown that more money must be "invested" (wasted) on public education.

He then referred to private schools as "elitist" - a slap in the face of many a liberal and leftist - himself included, if he was being honest.

Let's be clear about this. What Obama is basically implying is that anything controlled and funded by the government in essence is good for the country (the Democrats and their constituency). Anything that is not under the thumb of government is not good because it means private "folks" (white Americans, Republicans and Constitutionalists) have the means to lead private lives more free of government meddling.

And that means less power and control for the government.

If Obama truly lived up to his tiresome rhetoric he would send both his daughters to public schools like he wants the rest of us to do.

But he won't. Because what is good for the proletarian goose is not good for the presidential gander, meaning Obama and his ilk and his behind-the-scenes handlers.

Which is why the First Couple have decided to ship their progeny off to the Sidwell Friends school in Washington, D.C., at a tuition cost of $37,750 per daughter.

Before Obama was first elected in 2008, both daughters attended the University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, a private school with a yearly tuition of $27,384. Lavish by any measure of affordability.

Now, factor in the cost of extra-curricular activities like $44 million in taxpayer money spent on luxurious family vacations and 219 golf trips Obama has taken since 2008, and you have the very definition of an elite presidency.

What does the average taxpayer have to show for all of this "social" spending? A national debt of $4.9 trillion when Obama took office seven years ago and a current national debt of $18.2 trillion and counting.

Clearly, this is a president who is not in control of much and will say and do almost anything to deflect criticism away from his dismal record as the harbinger of Hope and Change.

h/t: CNS

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