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While most of the mainstream media’s attention is focused on our broken immigration policies and our lack of enforcement, and of course trashing Trump’s commitment to “build the wall.”

Something else concerning Mexico and the issue of immigration is going on, something a lot more sinister and a lot more dangerous, and it has nothing to do with our southern border, but rather theirs!

Immigration officials in Mexico have been reported to be torturing Central Americans and others in an effort to stop illegal aliens from coming into their country.

The Guardian reported that immigration activists say that Mexico’s National Institute of Migration (Instituto Nacional de Migracion in Spanish) (INM) is conducting itself “like an unchecked police force” that is “systematically using torture against detainees.”

The report cited Juan Menzez, a United Nations (UN) reporter who writes about torture. His report revealed “beatings, electric shocks, suffocation, water-boarding, forced nudity and rape, as well as threats and insults.”

The reported human rights violations are many, in one incident an 18-year old was placed in a room with four agents where he was tortured. He was allegedly told that unless he signed paperwork admitting that he was Guatemalan, he would be killed. He was quoted as saying, “One pushed me, another was kicking my leg, and a third who was very fat gave me an electric shock here, on the back of my right hand.”

In short Mexico is behaving much like a dictatorial corrupt and violent “third world nation” towards its citizen and those attempting to entire the country illegally, and may we also add a bit “hypocritically” on the issue of immigration.

Remarkably none of Mexico’s human rights violations seems to have caught the ear of our globe-trotting president busily mending fences with communist despots around the world, nor has the mainstream media reported on any of these serious human rights violations.

Perhaps the presidents of Mexico rather than attack an “American presidential candidate” and intrude on our political process, should actually look inboard, and clean up the mess they’ve created.

Source: Breitbart


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