Climate change Bolshevik Al "I'm Gonna Fight for You" Gore can't handle the inconvenient truth that there are people who think climate change is pseudo-scientific bunk.

His rejoinder: Anyone who denies the reality of climate change is basically a "racist."

Oh, Al.

The former vice president and author of "An Inconvenient Truth," which is considered the bible of popular climate change theory, thinks he can conflate honest global warming skepticism with white supremacism and get away with it.

Honestly, you can't make this stuff up. So Al Gore did the honor in his new underwhelming documentary, "An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power."

“I grew up in the South when the civil rights movement was gaining momentum. Believe me, the resistance to civil rights was at least as ferocious as the resistance to the climate movement in solving the climate crisis,” Gore told CNN's Fareed Zakaria.

“In the anti-Apartheid movement, Nelson Mandela once said, ‘It’s always impossible until it’s done.’ And we are right at that tipping point where the climate movement is concerned.”

According to AlGoreian logic, the climate change movement, like the civil rights movement, is on an upward path to complete acceptance as the new paradigm for global social change. Therefore anyone who tries to stop its inevitable dialectical progress toward global climate change governance is by definition a racist.

Whenever leftists encounter a person who refuses to be controlled or buy into their lies, like Vladimir Putin, that person is equated with Hitler. The same is true with climate change "deniers."

An estimated 31,000 scientists around the globe still have serious doubts about the reality of manmade climate change, but their days are numbered. The ranks of these climate change heretics will continue to shrink under the relentless pressure tactics of climate change truthers like Al Gore and their enablers in the media.

When you are longer able to hold a job or use your credit card because of your non-belief in climate change, you will then know you are a prisoner of conscience living in the USSA.

So, do you think manmade climate change is fake science? Tell us your thoughts about Al Gore's new documentary in the comment section below.

Source: Allen B. West

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