Anybody who drinks coffee knows what it feels like to miss your daily hit. If a coffee junkie does not get their daily dose of caffeine they reap the punishment in the form of screaming headache, tweeker-like anxiety, and annoyance with anything that breathes.

Or doesn’t—like rocks. Given this, we can all empathize with 20-something Marinda Ledermann who thought her “horrible headache” was just her brain having caffeine withdrawal from “not having coffee that morning.”

That headache turned out to be anything but normal. Her neck began to ache and eventually she found herself unable to speak. “My words came out all mumbled, and I couldn’t move my tongue the right way or my lips,” Marinda explains.

Fortunately, her husband was present and he asked her to raise her arms. She could not raise her left arm. Marinda remembers her husband telling her, “don’t panic, but I think you might be having a stroke.’”

She was very much suffering a stroke. Fortunately, because of her husband’s quick thinking and his call to 911, emergency providers were able to intervene and stave off what could have been a tragedy. Marinda did suffer stroke damage, and she is working toward recovery.

Her humility as a young woman overcoming the challenges of stroke recovery is inspiring.  She plans to use the experience as a stepping stone to helping others “remain patient in whatever their trial might be.”

This month is Stroke Awareness Month, and the American Stroke Association wants to remind each of us of the F.A.S.T. approach to addressing Stroke.

  1. Face Drooping
  2. Arm Weakness
  3. Speech Difficulty
  4. Time to call 9-1-1.

Share this. It might save your life or someone else’s. All you have to do is act FAST!

Source: Mad World News

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