Once again the state of California is back in the news, with yet another sanctuary tragedy reminiscent of the senseless murder of Kath Steinle in San Francisco at the hands of a 5-time deported illegal alien just over two years ago.

This time the willfully harboring by San Diego politicians of diseased and un-vetted illegal aliens may have caused the death of 15-individuals and the hospitalization of approximately 400-more.

Apparently risking the lives of American citizens in California seldom seems an immediate topic of concern for those progressive politicians, who’ve embraced the issue of illegal immigration by providing a safe haven at the expense of their citizens.

This latest incident in southern California involves a deadly outbreak of “hepatitis A” which was declared a public health emergency in San Diego on Friday.

The declared state of emergency during the popular long Labor Day weekend, suggests that the virus spread quickly among those vacationers within the town, and officials had to immediately go public with the dire declaration.

Moreover, health officials now believe the virus may have been the result of un-vetted illegal aliens crossing into San Diego from Mexico

According to Fox News, “The liver disease outbreak started last November, with the homeless population, affected most. The emergency declaration will help the city access state funds and provide legal protection for new sanitation measures, the Union Tribune reported.”

“Areas with high concentrations of homeless people will receive roughly 40 portable hand-washing stations to help combat the disease, which can spread through fecal matter when people fail to thoroughly clean their hands after using the restroom.”

The Union Tribune continued: “Crews also plan to use bleach-spiked water for high-pressure washing to remove “all feces, blood, bodily fluids or contaminated surfaces,” according to a sanitation plan outlined in a letter Thursday.”

Least we forget the insane politics of the left, in that California has led the charge against President Donald Trump’s crackdown on immigration, by deliberately giving illegal aliens a “sanctuary” to escape to after crossing the southern border into the United States. And now 15-people are dead, with over more 400- hospitalized, because of that policy.

Do you believe sanctuary states like California should be criminally held responsible for the deaths of their citizens if committed by an illegal alien?

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