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Democrats have gotten called out in a huge way after many noticed that there were NO American flags present at the Democratic National Convention.

The stage is bland and grey, with no red, white or blue present. A thorough look at the crowd present also turns up no American flags.


This is in stark contrast to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland which was so full of American flags even the liberal media couldn't find a photo without several American flags in it.


After this arrogant and pathetic commission was called out on social media the Democrats made the sleepy maneuver of bringing some American flags into the mix.

At 10:33 a.m. Tuesday morning, a voice over the P.A. system announced, “Scenic flags are coming on stage to a permanent home.”

Some workers came out and arranged American flags to the left and right of the state. Far too little and it was way too late. This sums up the real is issue with Democrats and liberals in general. They have a disdain for the nation that has given them so much. Maybe its all that white guilt they carry around.


This is what the stage looked like after their pathetic attempt to pretend they have an ounce of patriotism in the entire party. They shoved a few flags to the very edge of the stage. More just to cover their bases than have the flag shown in this massively televised event.


When you put so much effort into appeasing illegal immigrants and kissing cop killing BLM supports asses we suppose a little thing like displaying an American flag at your American political convention could slip by the wayside.

There were a lot of flags flown in Philly at the convention that day. A Soviet flag, a BlackLivesMatter flag and the list goes on but not a sighting of Old Glory to be had.

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Source: Daily Caller

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