Everybody in Portsmouth, Virginia who is on welfare, but desperately seeking a job should show up at the Salvation Army to work with social services, at 9 a.m. sharp.

Looks around the room…looks around the room…



Anybody who is a societal leach who does not have plans to ever support themselves or their families, but wants a free home paid for by responsible Americans, show up at the Salvation Army at 9 a.m. sharp, to collect your free housing voucher.

Boom. An out of control mob of 800 people wraps the city block. Certainly, there were some folks there that were in need of such assistance. In fact, if we take President Obama’s unemployment figures of 5.5% and apply it to the 800 figure, we can assume that a whopping 40 +/- people should have been mixed into the crowd.

Instead a sea of moochers and thugs took over the streets. The RHA was offering up 750 free Section 8 housing vouchers on a first-come first serve basis. That is a lot of vouchers. Law enforcement was called in because (big surprise), the crowd was getting out of control.

A single cop had shown up to check out the situation and quickly determined this was well beyond a one-man show. Forty officers were called in as back-up to deal with the complete animalistic behavior of these pigs of people.

The May 10th event had to be shut down before all 750 vouchers were handed out. Assuming some of these people were there with families in tow, there appears to have been plenty of vouchers to go around.

Unfortunately, thugs have a “me first” attitude and no bones about breaking someone else’s to get to the front of the line. How disgusting. This is the welfare system at works folks. This is the “safety net” and the face of Democrat voters nationwide.

Aren’t you happy to see to whom your tax dollars go?

Source: Mad World News

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