President Obama’s pet project, imprisoning America to his vision for universal health care, has just been back-slapped by HealthSpan. The insurer was unable to sustain itself despite their unbelievable increases in premium rates.

Some of them up to 32%! Their expenses, $17-Million in 2014, and $19-Million this past year, in order to address the ACA-risk-adjustments could not be met.

As a consequence, they have exited the program and laid off employees.

United Healthcare may be following suit.  In anticipation of a potential $500-Million dollar shortfall for the first half of the coming year, the company is among those debating whether to continue to service the exchanges or bail out.

In addition, many states have already ditched out of the exchanges, unable to afford them. Welcome to what the American citizens are contending with! Guess what?

We don’t have a choice. We get penalized if we don’t sign up. Unlike you who just get to walk away. That’s fine. It is your prerogative to do so. As American citizens it is ours as well, but sadly our in-the-pocket-of-Obama Supreme Court decided otherwise.

The Affordable Care Act is on life-support. To fix it, changes to the law have to be made. The argument that Congress would need to take action to do so is laughable seeing as how the entire pretense bringing the ACA into existence is anti-Constitutional to begin with.

It should be frightening to consider what is coming next. Single payer maybe? Wasn’t that Obama’s dream all along? Funny how this debacle is playing right into his hands, just as he envisioned.

Source: mrcTV


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