Taking a page from several European countries, a Michigan City has turned down a request to build a mosque within its city. Ironically or perhaps because of it, the decision to turn down the request was made on the eve of the 14th anniversary of   9/11. As the overflow crowd of hundreds inside the Sterling Heights City Hall chanted “No more mosques!” and outside the building singing “God bless America”.

At issue was the proposed mosque’s size, 20,500 square feet, to be built within a residential area. The victory of course sparked a defiant rebuttal from the imam Mohammad Ali Elah, of the Islamic House of Wisdom, saying; “I think it is more about ignorance.”

This incident is reminiscent to events that took place in 2010, when an Islamic centre and mosque was also being pushed through just two blocks from Ground Zero in New York City, and just like now, more than 1,000 people holding up American Flags turned out to protest that act of desecration, and won!

Perhaps what is taking place in Sterling Heights, Michigan, in New York City, and within several European countries, is the realization that history may actually be repeating itself, in that mosque-building usually follows a Muslim military victory and is a vital part of Islamic teachings and culture, mosques are purposely built over conquered lands and over holy temples, churches and synagogues, “ignorance” or perhaps unmasking the wolf?

Watch the WXYZ report and the citizens rejoicing at the decision:

Sources: WXYZ BPR


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