What exactly did Obama mean when he said he could get behind clean coal? Did he mean giving it a push over a cliff and wiping the globe clean of coal? It would seem so. One of the world’s largest coal companies, based right here in the United States of America, has filed for Chapter 11. 

Peabody Energy Company, joins three other companies that have filed for bankruptcy protection in the last year. Alpha Natural Resources, Inc., Patriot Coal Corp., and Arch Coal, Inc., round out the four.

This is Democratic America folks. Obama hates private business and he hates coal. Guess who hates both even more? Hillary Clinton. She said the following on separate occasions;

“We have to move away from coal. Everybody understands that. There’s no doubt about it.”

“We’re gonna put a lot of coal miners and coal companies outta business.”

The global warming/climate change obsessed trifecta of Obama, Clinton, and Sanders cares not one iota about the people they are putting out of work. They only care about their obsession with climate change and running their own green-energy companies, with our money, that have also gone out of business.

Peabody is right in their assertion that, “Coal currently fuels approximately 40 percent of global electricity and is expected to be an essential source of global electricity generation and steel making for many decades to come.”

Unfortunately, the Three Musketyrrants see a world of natural landscape and animal habitat destroyed in favor of windfarms and solar fields, all defunct and rotting in the summer sun.

All because they cannot see the forest for the trees they will cut down to build those solar and windfarms, all the while they put one energy business after another out of the work

Source: Conservative Tribune



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