"Terrorists cut people's heads off, and that's what they do in the Planned Parenthood clinics."

Governor Mike Huckabee (Arkansas)


Governor Huckabee spoke those words in retort to Democrat presidential contender, Hillary Clinton, who unbelievably compared Republicans to terrorists with respect to their anti-abortion and anti-baby-parts-for-cash Planned Parenthood practices;

"We expect that from some of the terrorists groups. We expect that from people who don't want to live in the modern world."

How disgusting, but then again we are talking Hillary “What-difference-does-it-make?” Clinton.

Huckabee took issue with this assertion, and rightly so. He went on to add that;

"If she wants to talk about protecting women, what about protecting the women who thought they were going in for a procedure to remove a mass of tissue, and in fact, a baby with a heartbeat, arms, legs, toes and eyeballs was hacked to death and the parts sold without that woman understanding that she had been exploited, she had been used, and somebody had made money off of her grief?"

As illustrated in one the most recent undercover video of the Planned Parenthood baby parts black market, released by the Center for Medical progress, cutting off baby heads is exactly what happens.

In a fit of laughter, the need to ship off the entire head to a “customer” is discussed because of the difficulty in harvesting brain parts. A former Stem Express butcher, as informant, recently relayed the jump starting of an aborted boy’s heart and cutting away its head with scissors, while his heart still beat.

Hillary Clinton is condoning this horror while comparing those who want to stop this practice, as terrorists. Mike Huckabee was right to take her to task for her terrorist condoning ideology. Whether dismembered, beheaded, burned alive with chemicals, or whatever it is that is done, inside or outside the womb, it is in fact terrorism, on par with the worst in the world.

Hillary has proven time and again she is not fit to lead this country. Only SomeLivesMatter to her and the rest are garbage.

Huckabee, however, is proving that AllLivesMatter and he looks forward to debating her on this topic.

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