Recently on Fox News’ Sean Hannity program, Governor and Republican presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee, had an opportunity to clarify his comments regarding Obama pretending to be a Christian or at least appearing to behave counter to what one would expect of a Christian. The Governor did not attempt to walk-back what he had previously said.

Huckabee responded by saying, taking it at “face value” and just accepting the President as a Christian, the question he asks is;

“What kind of Christian goes after the Little Sisters of the Poor? What kind of Christian goes after a wonderful, evangelical family like the Green family at Hobby Lobby who provide very generous salary and benefits for their employees, but they don’t want to provide abortifacient drugs? What kind of Administration won’t stand up for an elected county clerk, like Kim Davis, but will also, at the same time, make concessions for Nadal Hassan, the Fort Hood shooter or for the detainees at Gitmo?”

Those are serious, truthful questions that our media, churches, and Christians ought to be very vocal in asking.

As part of further dialogue, Hannity brings up the adorable Jeremiah Wright of “G**-damn America” and “America’s chickens have come home to roost” fame.

Neither Hannity nor Huckabee would park themselves in Wright’s church or any other of the same hatred spewing filth, because churches like that are not reflective of Christianity, and essentially Obama spends more time condemning Christians than commending them.

The Governor closes by saying,

“Every now and then I think it would be nice for the president to affirm Americans, and specifically Christians in America, who go across the world helping the helpless.”

It sure would. Unfortunately, we elected a man who seems to have hatred in his heart for his own faith and has no bones about putting it on full display whenever he is given the remotest of opportunities.

Source: CNS News

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