Less than a week after retail behemoth Target announced its new policy allowing customers and employees to use the dressing room and restroom of the gender they “identify with” rather than the gender listed on their birth certificate, opposition continues to mount.

The American Family Association (AFA) established an online boycott on April 20 in response to Target’s decision to put the feelings of a minute percentage of the population above the very real concerns of the vast majority of their customers.

As the number of signatures passed the 1,000,000 mark, approximately 75 people per minute were joining the protest to show their intention to take their business – and their dollars – elsewhere.

Tim Wildmon, president of the AFA said, “That’s a million families who are going to spread the word about Target, so they may not get those customers back – or their money.”

The policy shift was also felt on Wall Street as Target shares dropped $4.50, a loss of 5 percent, in a week representing a loss of $2.5 billion in value.

Target’s move comes amid a national furor raised by a largely misunderstood new law in North Carolina that requires persons to use the restroom corresponding to their birth gender in state buildings.

Widespread protests and debate, including highly publicized boycotts of the state by musicians, have failed to note that the North Carolina law does not prevent businesses and private institutions from establishing their own policies.

The issue has raised safety and privacy concerns as the Target policy allows men to use a women’s restroom without challenge so long as they claim to self-identify as a female, giving sexual predators easy access to girls and women who have an expectation of privacy in restrooms and changing rooms.

As the middle-class customers who have made up the backbone of Target’s empire feel disenfranchised by the push to upend what has been custom for time immemorial, Wildmon says the online boycott gives them a voice that speaks to Target in a language it understands.

“This is how people can fight back — they’re not going to shop at Target.”

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Source: Breitbart

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