One can always count on progressive Democrats to be selectively outraged in their attempt to be politically correct, at any cost.

And you’ll no doubt find them first in line in their attempt to selectively obliterate historical facts, in that the Confederate Flag is a vital part of “Americana” and should be respected as a symbol of Southern heritage, and yet Democratic Legislators in the Sunshine State have used that symbol to drive a wedge between voters, rather than to educate and bring opposing views together, in a spirit of understanding and respect for both historical and Southern traditions.

However politics is all that these legislators understand and so when a group hired a private plane flying a banner over the State Capitol with a giant Confederate Flag protesting a bill that would ban displaying the Confederate Flag on Florida state property, the Democratically controlled body went into “overdrive.”


The banner flown over Tallahassee, which belongs to the group Save Southern Heritage, also promised, along with Confederate Flag, these four little words; “We’ll Remember in Nov.”

And perhaps that’s the reason for the selective outrage, in that in the final analysis it’s the people who will decide come Election Day.

David McCallister, a Save Southern Heritage spokesperson summed it up saying; “We want to let the legislature know that there are a lot of Floridians watching what happens, these initiatives are draconian, expensive and irreversible. Once history is gone, it’s gone.”

The group tweeted this message:

And of course the haters will hate: (maybe he should go!)

h/t: Western Journalism



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