When Jeffrey Dahmer was finally killed in prison, granny sat there in her easy-chair during the 11 o’clock news looking like she was asleep and popped off with, “What, somebody couldn’t find a lead pipe?”

True story. When it comes to Kathryn Smith, who managed to survive her beat-down, some of us ask the same question.

Sounds a little mental, sure, but Smith did something so horrific that one can only hope when she does finally kick the bucket she spends eternity in hell.

Mommy Dearest was tired. She was tired of being a mom, that is. She is also a crack-head. Little 21-month old Ayeeshia paid the price for her mother’s sickening actions.

Rather than give the child up for adoption, she chose to stomp her to death. “Stop Mummy! Stop Daddy!” Mummy did not stop. She continued to deliver vicious, crushing blows to her child breaking three of the little girl's ribs, caused her to bite her own tongue, and eventually damaging her heart so badly she did not survive.

She was sentenced, but only after Justice Geraldine Andrews gave her a piece of her mind.

 “You are a devious, manipulative and selfish young woman who would stop at nothing to get your own way. To that end, you were prepared tell lie after lie, telling professionals what you thought they wanted to hear. If matters were not working out the way you wanted them to, you would display explosive temper.”

A temper that killed her baby. Foston Hall prisoners were waiting for her, and they meted out their own version of justice. She was attacked by ten hardcore female inmates who were going to avenge Ayeeshia.

She was “maimed in a brutal four-minute assault that saw her punched, kicked, and knifed.” Ummm, who cares? She screamed out to attackers, begging them to stop – much like her child begged for her mercy. The assault also left her with a not-big-enough knife wound to her face.

What, somebody couldn’t find a lead pipe? Such a fitting question in the end, because 24 years of Britons feeding, clothing, and housing this demon is far too benevolent.

Now, let’s see how the courts deal with daddy since it seems he was present and allowed this to happen.

Source: Mad World News

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